Thoughts on Teams, Trust & Conflict

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  • It’s been a given in Management Theory for many years that Conflict (in the right shape) is a positive thing for group-performance. But then, why is it so hard to turn this theory into practice?
  • What kind of conflict actually spurs on team performance as opposed to the opposite? And how might that look?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m a huge fan of Personality Tests. And I take them myself whenever I have (the slightest) reason. And today – as a part of an advanced Sales Skills Training that I’m participating in with Google – I got to take one. YAY!
Now one of the dimensions got me reflecting on the subject of Conflict and Team Performance – something that used to work with quit a lot but haven’t really touched for a while.
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Theory U & The U.Lab

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  • How can organizations enable their employees to reach their greatest potential?
  • How can individuals?

Given my passion for Organizational Behavior and combined with my interest in human behavior I’ve always been fascinated with Edgar Schein´s Iceberg model, and I’ll always pull out pen and paper to sketch it when I’m coaching – or in general to whomever want to discuss Organizational Psychology with me.
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The 21 Day Happiness Experiment

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  • What is it that makes people happy?
  • And why bother to take interest in this question in an organizational context?
  • Building on the latter – what relation does Happiness have with Performance?

Over Autumn and Winter 2014/15 I conducted The 21 Day Happiness Experiment with a couple of cross cultural teams in Google.  The Experiment is (it turned out) just as much a kind of an action training program as it is an experiment. The 21 Day Happiness Challenge took starting point in a lecture around Positive Psychology and The Science of Happiness, and this lecture I actually designed because of something so simple (and so reoccurring?) as a demotivated and stressed team.
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